Backflow Testing in Round Rock

No one wants dirty water and bacteria infiltrating their supply of drinking water. Thankfully, no one in the Round Rock area has to live with dirty drinking water thanks to the backflow testing services of JL Phelps & Associates Plumbing And Mechanical, LLC.

Backflow testing refers to the process undertaken by a professional plumber to test your water for contamination. With us overseeing the testing of your plumbing system, you'll get the peace of mind you need to go about your days without worry.

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Plumbing Our Way to Perfection

When residential and commercial property owners want to ensure their drinking water is free of harmful bacteria that can sometimes infiltrate their water supply, there is only one name they trust—and that's ours.

JL Phelps & Associates Plumbing And Mechanical, LLC is Round Rock's premier backflow testing company. We're a team of certified, licensed professionals committed to keeping your water safe, clean, and drinkable. We combine fast service times, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service.

Are Backflow Prevention Devices Enough?

Many homes and businesses have backflow prevention devices installed in their plumbing system. These devices do the work of protecting potable water supplies from pollution due to backflow. They're installed on a pipe to and make sure water only flows in one direction—thereby preventing unwanted backflow. While the devices such as these are great preventative measures, they are not foolproof. Your prevention devices—and the plumbing system itself—should be inspected on an annual basis.

Reliable Backflow Test Results

As a property owner, you deserve to know that your water supply is drinkable and safe from the dangerous contaminants contained in backflow. While your home or business should have a backflow prevention device already installed, it's essential to receive regular inspections on your system and test both your water supply and backflow device. When you need reliable backflow testing services, the team at JL Phelps & Associates Plumbing And Mechanical, LLC should be your first choice.

Over the years, we've worked diligently to establish ourselves as one of the area's top plumbing services. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, exceptional work ethic, and reliable backflow inspections have helped distinguish us from the competition. We have the training and equipment to test your backflow prevention system and reliably establish how well it's working.

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Certified Backflow Testing Services

When you partner with us for backflow testing, you gain access to an experienced team of plumbing technicians and an officially certified testing service. As our partners, you can rest assured that you'll receive backflow testing results you can trust.

As a professionally designated testing service, our team has the training and equipment to manage your property's unique requirements and keep your water supply safe. Our testing services are comprehensive, affordable, and efficient.

When you hire our team for backflow testing, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Zero-obligation consultations
  • Free price quotes
  • Efficient service turnarounds
  • Make, model, and serial number identification
  • Thorough system inspections
  • Valve checks
  • Trustworthy test results
  • Friendly customer service
  • ...and more!

Backflow Preventer Device Checks

Plumbing codes and regulations require all water outlets to be equipped with backflow prevention devices that prevent the contamination of drinking and potable water. Health regulatory bodies may require air gaps, check valves, and the installation of more sophisticated devices for reliable backflow prevention. When you work with our qualified technicians, you can be sure that your system's compliance and effectiveness will be thoroughly checked.

Our licensed technicians have extensive experience with a range of device makes and models and will competently test your backflow preventer. We take a detail-oriented approach to our service and hold ourselves to a high standard of quality.

We offer testing on the following backflow prevention devices:

  • Air gaps
  • Atmospheric vacuum breakers
  • Double-check valves
  • Pressure vacuum breaker assembly
  • Reduced pressure zone devices
  • ...and many more!

Plumbing and Backflow Prevention Experts

We've invested the time and effort to hone our skills and perfect our craft. Locally, we're the top choice for accurate backflow testing, and our dedication to customer safety and satisfaction has helped us become the region's most reliable service.

We take our work seriously and appreciate that backflow testing is essential for protecting your family's health and keeping your home's water supply clean and safe. We're confident we're the right choice for your next backflow test, and we look forward to offering cost-effective solutions you can use to bolster the safety and reliability of your residential water system.

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What to Expect

During your backflow test, one of our certified plumbers will open and close the valves of your backflow prevention device. By doing this, the plumber will be able to determine whether the valve is working as it should. Under ideal circumstances, the testing process should never take up too much of your time. If we discover that your backflow device is not working correctly, we will take steps to repair it.

When you need your pipes tested for backflow, consider us your first choice.

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Backflow Prevention Tests

Fast Service Times, Affordable Prices

Time is money. At JL Phelps & Associates Plumbing And Mechanical, LLC, we take that maxim seriously.

We save you time so that we save you money. Using efficient labor practices helps us maintain a lean operational model, which in turn allows us to reduce our service times and keep our overhead low. What does that mean for you?

  • Fast Turnaround Times—Speedy communication, punctual staff, and fast workmanship: those are what we promise. In return, you can expect to have your water tested in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Unbeatable Prices—Fewer overhead expenses mean more money for you. By working efficiently, we keep the prices of our services to an absolute minimum. Just one more way we're staying ahead of the curve—and the competition.

Easy to Schedule Services

We understand the day-to-day lives of our clients. Many of the people we work with have full-time jobs, families, and a host of obligations. A visit from a plumber can throw their whole day off course if there are delays or mix-ups in the scheduling department.

In the interest of customer satisfaction, we work with our clients closely to schedule our services in a way that works for them. Simply let us know the most convenient times for a visit from our plumbers and we will do our best to schedule ourselves accordingly.

Comprehensive Solutions for All Your Backflow Prevention Problems

We utilize state-of-the-art testing equipment designed to offer a complete assessment of your backflow prevention system. We detect any—and every—potential issue. From the most apparent repair problem to the slightest underlying issue, we'll be there to give you a total overview of how your preventer is performing.

Thanks to the precision and accuracy of our testing process, we're able to diagnose and fix potential problems more effectively. With us on the job, you can trust that you'll have a steady supply of clean drinking water.

We're also available for backflow preventer installations. If you need a prevention device for your water-supply system, be sure to contact us today.

Backflow Maintenance Services

Safe, Simple, and Stress-free

Even the best backflow prevention devices require regular testing and maintenance. At JL Phelps & Associates Plumbing And Mechanical, LLC, we're here to provide it.

Our maintenance services have a twofold focus: protection and prevention. We strive to prevent problems by fixing issues that, though they may not pose an immediate problem, could have long-term consequences for your water supply. We also perform regular tune-ups to protect your system from gradual wear and tear, stopping backflow from occurring in the first place. In the process, we optimize your water system, maximizing its durability, and extending its lifespan. Simply put, we make it perform better for longer. We make it so that you get more for less.

Why Is Backflow Prevention Important?

The importance of regular backflow services cannot be overstated. Backflow testing services provide the following benefits to homeowners:

Protection Against Heavy Metals

An old and long-neglected plumbing system can sometimes experience heavy metal contamination. This form of contamination is most common in restaurants and establishments where carbonated water can dissolve pipes and the prevention devices that protect individuals from backflow.

Protection Against Chemicals

If the plumbing system flows in the opposite direction, chemical waste from pesticides can infiltrate the potable water supply. During the backflow test, we won't just inspect the flow of water—we will also test the water itself.

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