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Water Heater Install

I cannot stress enough how much I loved this company. They are responsive and organized. They charged me $69 diagnostic fee which all came back to the job and assessed the problem without charging you an arm and a leg. I had a water heater that was on its last leg, so I decided to purchase a tankless which was awesome because JL Phelps Plumbing not only gave me a great deal, but I am getting great rebates on it!! Their plumbers are licensed and insured which is very important to me! The plumber was honest, thoughtful, compassionate and concerned about my issues. He was also informative and took his time to explain how to maintain it amongst other important and relevant information . I cannot Thank you enough JL Phelps Plumbing for taking care of my problem right away. I would recommend you guys anytime! Thank you AGAIN!

Keisha Miles

They were wonderful...

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value This is the 3rd time I’ve been in a pinch and needed someone right away JL Phelps & Associates Plumbing came through again. They went above and beyond the call of duty and they will get my business in the future. They were wonderful and found 3 leaks we didn’t know we had while repairing the one we called about. They also inspected the rest of the underside of our old pier and beam house to make sure there were no leaks when they left. Hat’s off to JL Phelps & Associates Plumbing and crew for a job well done! I will recommend them any day any time to anyone for any kind of plumbing services. Btw, my 2nd call was with a leaking water heater. They replaced it with a tankless water heater that I got a over $1,000 on rebates thanks to JL Phelps for explaining to me on how to do this. I cannot thank these guys enough for helping me out when I needed it They also saved me a load of money when other plumbing companies were charging me 3 times the amount they did. My water heater is still running excellent since they installed it! I cannot thank you guys enough for also educating me on every single job you’ve done! Thank you!

Mark Hawthorn

JL Phelps Plumbing did an excellent job

We just had a very serious gas leak and the city shut off our gas! I called O&M and they couldn’t fix my problem. I then called S&D Plumbing and they still could not fix my problem. Both of these companies charged me over $100 dollars each and could not locate my gas leak:/! Then I called JL Phelps Plumbing and told them that these other plumbing outfits came and could not locate my issue and I really needed them to be reasonable with me since I had just spent over $200 with these other two plumbing companies. They charged my only $69 to come out (cheaper then the other companies!) and they came out as soon as we called, sending a very courteous and qualified service and licensed plumber that did an excellent job! He quickly located my gas leak, fixed it and got my gas turned on quickly! I cannot thank them enough since I had been without gas for over a week. Moreover, I spent more money hiring these other two companies who had no cIue what they were doing! I highly recommend using the best knowledgeable plumbers for any gas leak or any plumbing issue anyone might have. JL Phelps Plumbing did an excellent job! Thank you so much guys for getting my gas turned back on! My furry babies and I really appreciate you! I recommend them highly to anyone looking for professional, quality plumbers who actually know what they are doing! Yay JL Phelps Plumbing

Terry Brandon

Thank you Richard and thank you JL Phelps...

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. This was my first time using JL Phelps Plumbing. I selected this company because a friend of mine recommended them to me. Right up front they told me there would be a $69 charge for diagnostic fee which I thought was fair to come out all the way where I live. I had called every where else and they charged over $75 dollars to come out, so I definitely took them. They provided me with a fair estimate to replace my water heater so I took it. Thank goodness I took them because when I told them I served in the military, they were very sympathetic and gave me an additional 10% discount which I really appreciated! My technician was Richard who was extremely professional, thorough, and took all the time necessary to answer all of my questions. He presented me with several different options, but at no point did I feel pressured to make any decision in particular. He was very neat and left the work area spotless when the repairs were finished. He took the time to educate me on the water heater and discussed how to properly maintain it. I would highly recommend JL Phelps Plumbing! This is how a plumbing experience should be! Thank you Richard and thank you JL Phelps for making my experience very smooth and non-stressful!

theo wilkins

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